Ages: 3 to 6 years


Ages: 3 to 4 years

Our goal is to provide a nurturing, inviting, and encouraging atmosphere for each child in class and help establish a positive attitude towards school and academics. We get the great pleasure of watching them learn, explore and grow.

Children have a natural impulse to move and explore, which shows curiosity. Exploring without disturbing the order in the classroom shows self-control and discipline. We will guide your child to learn about the full cycle of Montessori activities in an orderly prepared environment; and over time, develop an understanding of sequence and order while fostering self-discipline, independence, and freedom.

We introduce each individual child to the material at the right moment based on their needs. Being able to determine the right moment comes through observation of the child. Through observation, we can decipher the individual needs of the children, and respond to them accordingly.

Our Montessori classroom is a mix of ages from 3 to 4.5 years. No one child works with every material available in the classroom. There is a selection of material which is appropriately challenging for each child. They gradually move through the curriculum at their own pace.

Early in the year a child is encouraged to work with activities in “Practical Life” to develop independence, confidence, coordination and concentration, and activities in “Sensorial” area to refine the sensory perceptions of touch, sound, sight, hearing etc. Once the child becomes confident in these areas, the lessons from sensorial area are applied to development of mathematical and language concepts. The children by the end of the year will be sound conscious (pre-reading), write their name, identify/count numbers 1-20 and will have the prerequisite skills to move up to the Pre-K Montessori classroom.

Primary Daily Schedule
Time Activity Time Activity
7-8:45 am Drop Off & Sign-In 12:00 pm Lunch
9:00 am Circle Time 12:30 pm Storytime
9:45 am Morning Snack 12:45-2:45 pm Naptime
10:00 am Class Work/Jobs 3:00 pm Afternoon Snack
11:00 am Recess/Free Play 3:15-5:30 pm Daily Classes Conclude/Free Play


Ages: 4 to 5 years

During your child’s time in the Pre Kindergarten Montessori class this he/she will be given a strong foundation through the awareness of all senses. Your child will master practical life skills and will focus on mastering areas of academic studies such as reading, writing, math, physical and life science, geography and the arts. Your child will be inspired by seeing others working in all areas of the classroom and will be given individual lessons.

Specific units we will study are:
Fall: grace and courtesy, parts of the body, care of the body,the solar system, and the four seasons.
Winter: Biosphere and overview of living things, introduction to the continents, time lines (year, month, days, hours, minutes) and the Arctic.
Spring: Fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and plants.
Summer: Insects, spiders and mammals.

Pre-K Daily Schedule
7-8:45 amDrop Off & Sign-In12:00 pmLunch
9:00 amCircle Time12:30 pmStorytime
9:45 amMorning Snack12:45-2:45 pmNaptime
10:00 amClass Work/Jobs3:00 pmAfternoon Snack
11:00 amRecess/Free Play3:15-5:30 pmDaily Classes Conclude/Free Play


Ages: 5 to 6 years

The Kindergarten program is designed to help students transition from the pre-school program to the lower elementary Montessori program. Children are introduced to various subject areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, geography, botany, zoology and practical life. The primary focus is to help students develop a strong foundation in reading and writing skills so that this aids students in the development of all other subjects.

Our Montessori classroom is designed to be a peaceful educational setting allowing students to feel calm and secure, while promoting a successful concrete learning experience. In additon to academics students are taught practical life skills to help them gain independence, confidence and pride in caring for themselves, others and their classroom.

Using Montessori materials related to each subject area students are given a tactile learning experience. Combining these academic components with a nurturing environment facilitates a natural love for learning, allowing children to excel both academically and socially.
Kindergarten Daily Schedule
Time Activity Time Activity
9:00 am Morning Circle 12:30 pm Library
9:15 am Work Time / Specialty Classes 1:00 pm Work Time
9:45 am Snack 2:30 pm Snack
10:00 am Work Time / Specialty Classes 2:45 – 3:15 pm Cleanup & Closing Circle
11:30 am Lunch

Specialty classes include: Robotics, French, Spanish, Art Studio, and Baking.

Mailing Address

Pascale Cafferty, Director
A Developing Mind Academy & The Circle of Care Early Childhood Center

3755 E Covington Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854

School Campuses

The Circle of Care Early Childhood Center

3755 E Covington Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854

A Developing Mind Academy

1301 E 3rd Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854

208.777.1600  |  Fax: 208.777.1616

School Hours

Open Monday through Friday
7am – 5:30pm


We are closed for holidays, please see our calendar for specific dates. We are open year round but do not hold regular class academics during the summer and regular school breaks. Instead, during those times, we are open regular hours but run “Camp” style programs

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