Montessori Method Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and pioneer in child development. She observed that children have a natural, progressive aptitude for acquiring knowledge about their world. Dr. Montessori found that by placing children in a specially prepared environment to meet their physical, cognitive, and social needs, the children felt safe, supported, and inspired. They thrived and achieve their dreams.

Montessori early childhood programs are designed to focus on each child as a person, and not simply on a daily lesson plan. Children are encouraged to think independently, ask questions, explore, investigate, and discover. The Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared environment created to enable children to develop their independence and sense of personal empowerment. Montessori children are encouraged to move about, working alone or in small groups. They learn best by doing, and this involves moving around the classroom and spontaneous investigation. Through the use of unique learning materials and our carefully prepared and nurturing environment, children develop a love for learning, gain a sense of independence, and become strong and confident individuals.

An acceleration of learning may occur with Montessori education; however, this is not its main goal. The manner in which subjects are taught foster the child’s need for learning and meet their needs for knowledge and self-development.

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A Developing Mind Academy & The Circle of Care Early Childhood Center

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The Circle of Care Early Childhood Center

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A Developing Mind Academy

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We are closed for holidays, please see our calendar for specific dates. We are open year round but do not hold regular class academics during the summer and regular school breaks. Instead, during those times, we are open regular hours but run “Camp” style programs

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